Winter is on its way!

With just over a month to Christmas and Morin’s first winter guests, we can finally see the wood for the trees – or maybe that should be ‘the bathroom for the tiles’, now that we’re on the last leg of our bathroom upgrades!

As well as nearing completion on the refurbishments we’re preparing for ‘Wi-Fi Day’ when we’re able to start using our new high-speed internet connection. We’re really looking forward to streaming movies without… any… stuttering… We’re having new satellite TV installed too, with UK TV streaming. Everything will be ready for Christmas. Very exciting!

Once we have finished with the works inside we will turn our attention to improvements to the garden and other areas outside. It might be a strange time of year to start planning for new plants and shrubs, but we’re keen to press on – we want everything to be perfect for our first Morin wedding, coming up in summer 2018! There are lots of decisions to make – marquee vs tent, round tables vs bench tables, buffet vs table service, disco vs live music – but fortunately for us Morzine is able to cater for a wide variety of options.

As I look out over the garden, no longer hidden under autumnal leaves but blanketed in pure white snow, I can’t help but feel excited about the winter season that lies ahead – and the summer beyond looks to be pretty good too!