We’ve taken the plunge…

Now that summer’s over we’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on the winter season ahead.  We’ve had non-stop guests at Morin up until the end of September  – ending up with a delightful wedding where the sun shone too!

Like everyone else we have had to review where we could go with Covid/Brexit and make sure everyone can enjoy Morin and Morzine throughout the year – so we introduced self-catering in the summer together with Flexi-catering options in the winter. Now everyone can have the benefit of truly bespoke dining.  Morin’s kitchen is not a thing of great beauty but its got everything you need to enjoy your own home-made meals, chauffage meals left in the fridge daily or host larger events/weddings in the garden.  It’s in our sights for an aesthetic upgrade in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, we’ve not been twiddling our thumbs.  We finished the last of the bedroom upgrades (Poppy & Rose) and re-levelled & seeded half of the lawn following badger attacks!

The BIG NEWS is we’ve taken the plunge – literally – and commissioned a new hot tub / swimming pool which, with a fair wind, should be up and running for all guests for this coming winter season.  We’re very excited!  In the winter its a large hot tub, directly off the terrace – and in the summer  we’ll take off the cover and,  lo and behold,  its an 8m pool – great for cooling off in the warmer months.

Hot tub end

Hot tub/plunge pool 2021

Here’s hoping this is what you will see this winter!

We are so looking forward to welcoming everyone who’s had the patience to wait for travel restrictions to ease.  Some will have waited two years to come to Morin – and we want to make sure that the wait was really worth it.

In the meantime – keep safe and look forward to seeing you all in 2021/2022.