Morin – A Chalet for All Seasons


November 2022

Who would have thought that we would have such an amazing range of weathers all in one season.  Luckily we are is such a wonderful part of the world that all our guests have had  5-star stays* at Morin.

Early November brought the first signs of winter snows – just enough to tempt everyone up the mountains for a bracing hike and catch the autumnal colours.  December then delivered the first snow dump – covering absolutely everything in site – including the hot tub.

Our snow shoes were once again pressed into service to reach The Green House across the duvet-like garden.  The lifts opened at weekends throughout December and Morin welcomed guests from the end of November too.

Christmas & New Year came by without fresh snow for the first time in some years.  If the snow wasn’t coming to us we went to it – Tony & Olivia getting guests to re-located lessons and doing everything possible to make sure everyone had a great time.  Our reviews* are a testament to their determination to take care of guests and friends and go the extra mile – literally –  to Ardent or Prodains.  The pisteurs should definitely take a bow too – by the time I got onto skis in early February there was more than enough to go round – albeit off-piste was challenging – but not off bounds when we donned snow shoes once again.  It was cold and crisp and the blue skies dazzling.  A well needed shot in the arm – and this time it wasn’t covid!

We are due to have another seasonal dump of snow in a few days’ time, ready to refresh the mountains for the last of the half-term holidays.  So roll on March – let’s see what you’ve got in store, and no matter what we’ll make sure everyone has a great time at Morin.  I can’t believe I’m saying this now – but we are looking forward to the warmer months so that we can get to grips with the lawn and prepare the garden for spring & summer guests to Morin in Morzine.

Here’s someone who is definitely enjoying the snow – its never too early – our grandson just 3 years old –  smashing it (as they say apparently) – just like Morin!



*check our Google reviews

Phew What a Scorcher!

Having finally put the winter to bed we were so glad to welcome guests and friends back to Morin after the weirdest 18 months (Brexit, Covid, Covid again ..).

Hopefully its behind us all and we can look forward to some semblance of normal for a change!  Morin’s garden has taken a few knocks in the record breaking summer heat and the region’s watering ban. With some careful management and the very occasional rain storms at the end of August the container pool has seen us through to the last groups of a very busy summer which started early June and finished with the Mont Blanc rally in mid September. The grass is looking green once again –  a great relief all round.


Morin’s garden is not the only one showing new shoots – Olivia & Tony’s baby Milo arrived, just as brother Hector went off on his first MTB shotgun ride down from Super Morzine,  swiftly followed by his first day at nursery school!  Sumer here in the Alps has been rather full on – so much on offer for everyone – from the Spartan race, Tour de France, World Cup MTB in Les Gets and the Mont Blanc Rally.  But for those of us who just like the sheer freedom and freshness of the mountains there’s so much to do here at a more relaxing pace in the spring and summer months – some find it difficult to leave!

Now we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to the winter wonderland that is Morzine and all the Portes du Soleil can offer, in the comfort of our family chalet.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Snowshoeing from Morin in Morzine

Snow Shoeing from Morin

If you want to get out there and into the fresh air and away from it all but think that winter sports is the work of the Devil…  Think Again!  Snow shoeing is definitely the work of the Fayres.  It’s truly magical.

With a fresh dump of snow overnight six of us set out for a great day – literally off the beaten track. Instead of speeding our way down the pistes, or avoiding those that do, we went into the woods with our guide.  Guides are essential.  Their knowledge of the flora and fauna of the mountains as well as the trails will give you a new perspective and keep you safe.  They might even introduce you to Forest Bathing …. immersing you in the sights and sounds (or should I say silence..) of the mountains. It is proved to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, boost your immune system and reduce stress hormones.  What’s not to like?

Whatever time of day you choose you can learn about the different trees and animal tracks, learn to understand the lie of the land and read the snow covering.


Why not try Fresh Tracks first thing in the morning, forging your way up through the virgin snow; or a more leisurely mid-morning trek to enjoy a picnic; or at the end of your day on the mountains you can hike up to a ridge to catch a magnificent sunset – The Alps all picked out in a rose gold wash – before trekking down to a warming Savoyard supper, before the last descent by the light of the moon.

At the end of your trail you have such a wonderful feeling of well-being – it’s difficult to describe.  You’ll want to bottle it and tuck it snugly into your back pocket to enjoy all over again.


Snow shoes are available to hire in most winter sports shops with ski poles, and usually not as costly as skis/boards.  Guides are essential and early booking always recommended.




We’ve taken the plunge…

Now that summer’s over we’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on the winter season ahead.  We’ve had non-stop guests at Morin up until the end of September  – ending up with a delightful wedding where the sun shone too!

Like everyone else we have had to review where we could go with Covid/Brexit and make sure everyone can enjoy Morin and Morzine throughout the year – so we introduced self-catering in the summer together with Flexi-catering options in the winter. Now everyone can have the benefit of truly bespoke dining.  Morin’s kitchen is not a thing of great beauty but its got everything you need to enjoy your own home-made meals, chauffage meals left in the fridge daily or host larger events/weddings in the garden.  It’s in our sights for an aesthetic upgrade in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, we’ve not been twiddling our thumbs.  We finished the last of the bedroom upgrades (Poppy & Rose) and re-levelled & seeded half of the lawn following badger attacks!

The BIG NEWS is we’ve taken the plunge – literally – and commissioned a new hot tub / swimming pool which, with a fair wind, should be up and running for all guests for this coming winter season.  We’re very excited!  In the winter its a large hot tub, directly off the terrace – and in the summer  we’ll take off the cover and,  lo and behold,  its an 8m pool – great for cooling off in the warmer months.

Hot tub end

Hot tub/plunge pool 2021

Here’s hoping this is what you will see this winter!

We are so looking forward to welcoming everyone who’s had the patience to wait for travel restrictions to ease.  Some will have waited two years to come to Morin – and we want to make sure that the wait was really worth it.

In the meantime – keep safe and look forward to seeing you all in 2021/2022.



Searching for something better….

New Year's Day 2021

We are so pleased to have turned our back on 2020 – although sad that we weren’t able to welcome our guests who were looking forward to a well earned holiday from all that 2020 has brought to the world. Hopefully, vaccines will mean that everyone will now be able to look forward to a holiday at Morin in 2021/22 instead of the hamster wheel type of existence that we have all had to contend with.

Trying to take something positive out of this ghastly situation we have been able to enjoy Morin ourselves – its not a bad place to enjoy Tier 4, lockdown or a curfew. Autumn started with a wonderful orange and yellow carpet on the floor of the beech forest walks when we were limited to 1km and essential shopping only excursions. In early winter there was a real sense of release when we could roam up to 20km and enjoy mountain walks up to the Swiss border. Since Christmas Eve we have been surrounded by billowing carpets of snow – and although the lifts are closed to skiers we are delighting in giving our snowshoes regular outings. There are so many snowshoe trails to follow and wonderful off-piste routes to discover, with the help of local guides, that we haven’t yet missed putting on our downhill skis or felt the need to re-visit the Nordic skiing trails. We’ve discovered Morzine has so much more than downhill skiing on offer. It feels more of a privilege than a punishment being here.

We wish everyone well for the next few months – wherever you are and hope that we will be able to welcome guests, old and new, back to Morin in 2021.

Stay safe

The Secret Garden Supper Club

Having peeked out of the Covid-19 carapace to check our social distancing and hygiene protocols we are happy to report that Morin is welcoming guests again this summer – keen to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains after a long lock-down.

Morin’s garden is the main attraction at the moment. A unique, secluded 1/2 acre of tree-lined garden to enjoy safely – whether it is a pre-dinner drink in the sun set, dining on the deck or just enjoying the safety of being outside with friends and family.

Meeting up with friends

We’re very happy to be working with Bon App – our local bespoke caterers – so that we can offer a sublime evening in the garden with cocktails and canapés followed by one of their wonderful three course evening meals. Whether its a small dinner for six or a special occasion celebration for up to 50 – the combination of Bon App and Morin’s hospitality creates a truly magical experience.

Morin was built as a family home – and it really does feel like that now – safe and secure. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our home from home for both summer and winter 2020.

If you would like to come and enjoy an evening in The Secret Garden get in touch Tamsin or Michelle to check availability.

Abrupt end to a wonderful winter season

There we were, cruising along, basking in the delights of a great season at Morin, and suddenly, from left field, came the overnight emergency stop – Coronavirus and all its implications.

Lock Down. Flights and transfers were booked, cancelled and re-booked. Lunches seemingly conjured up out of nowhere for guests and staff. Although some did seem to enjoy being stuck in the garden with Schnoodle Clive….. Olivia and her team were busy juggling the comfort, safety and return of guests whilst keeping the staff safe before getting everyone home. All done at lightening speed with no time to say goodbye and proper thank yous to staff and guests alike.

A winter season to remember, 2020BC welcoming both new and returning guests to Morin – all too swiftly followed by 2020 AC and, sadly, those new and returning guests who did not manage to get to Morin – we are disappointed for everyone. Fingers crossed we will all survive and be able to visit Morin another day.

This is our Morin Clap to all of you. When we do emerge from this Covid-19 carapace – let’s start afresh. In the meantime – Stay at Home. Then come and stay with us at Morin – enjoy the delights of the chalet, our very special Morzine community and the beautiful mountains all around.

Keep Safe.

Tree-mendous summer comes to an end

It’s already October! We’ve been tidying up after a very busy summer of guests and activities – ranging from early riser Triathlon competitors to Mont Blanc Rally spectators. – Very noisy – the rally that is.

We had another visitor that we hadn’t expected – a 17 minute tornado that decided to visit us at the end of June which felled an old Morin friend. A giant spruce tree that had nestled next to The Green House for at least 65 years. It came down at the same time as other trees in the area blocked the main road, but miraculously ours fell within a whisker of The Green House and barely brushed the main terrace – all 30 tons of it. The second miracle is that there is now no sign whatsoever of the damage that this old feller caused in the garden. The new grass seems to grow as you look at it and will be in fine form for summer wedding and B&B guests at Morin in 2020.

But it’s the winter guests we are now looking forward to. We’ve done some more works to Morin to make everyone even more comfortable – creating a little more space around the dining table, some new soft seating and putting in oak flooring into Clover and Blossom and re-modelling Clover’s bathroom. All with the help of our builder/friend/rally driver – can you see our logo on his MG?

There’s already been a dusting of snow on the mountains so we’re all looking forward to a great winter, welcoming new and returning guests, new and returning staff and – a chance to welcome Olivia’s baby too!

15 June 2019

8 October 2019

Beautiful snow, and sunshine too!

Morin’s new staff team hit the ground running this season. Christmas and New Year were fully booked and Amy, Lucy and Jason – our hardworking team behind Olivia – made sure that everyone at Morin was made to feel welcome.

Jason happily works outside in blizzards clearing the driveway so guests can get to the front door before whisking them off to the lifts and ski lessons on time. Amy works away behind the scenes in the kitchen making sure that all guests and friends are well fed at both the start and end of an active day. And Lucy moves swiftly and silently around the chalet making sure everyone’s rooms are warm, clean and comfortable, all dining tables are set, and wine bottles are ready and waiting.

Snow Shoeing track
Snow Shoeing track, Mont Caly, February 2019

After the masses of late January and February snow, the skies have cleared and we have been basking in wonderful sunshine and playing in the pillows of powdery snow. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Snow Shoeing and Ski de Fond have been cracked (or was that the ribs?) After visiting Morzine and Portes du Soleil for nearly twenty years we’ve discovered completely new areas and terrain thanks to these new-found winter sports. Morzine continues to reveal its secrets to us and still puts a smile on our faces. We hope that it works for our Morin guests too.

Look forward to welcoming you soon!

Raising the roof

After a very busy summer season we are putting the final touches to Morin for the winter. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we have finally completed the long process of replacing the roof on the main chalet (the Green House was done last year). So the whole place is now a little taller, and prouder, and with an extra 40cm of insulation – cosier than ever. And as the first snows of the season have come and coated the garden we are glad to report that it feels like a warm, fluffy duvet wrapping the whole place – ready to face any ‘Beast from the East’ type of weather that might be thrown at us over the coming months.

We have also prepared the garden for its winter sleep – it worked very hard over the summer but has bounced back once the stretch tent was dismantled and packed away. A couple of the trees that hadn’t be pruned for who knows how many years have finally dropped their leaves and are left looking a bit like Edward Scissorhands. We gave them one more chance and I think they are going to repay us next year – fingers crossed.

Our final bit of building work for the season ahead is now complete. It may be the last bit of work for this season but will be the first thing that guests and friends will see. We’ve made significant changes to the winter front entrance – you can now go straight through into the Snug as soon as you arrive. No more holding your breath and squeezing past the staff stairs. We hope you’ll like it!

Now all we are waiting for is you – our friends and guests. We will introduce you to our new staff team next time. Olivia and Morin are ready to welcome you all to our Home from Home in the Alps. See you soon!