Searching for something better….

New Year's Day 2021

We are so pleased to have turned our back on 2020 – although sad that we weren’t able to welcome our guests who were looking forward to a well earned holiday from all that 2020 has brought to the world. Hopefully, vaccines will mean that everyone will now be able to look forward to a holiday at Morin in 2021/22 instead of the hamster wheel type of existence that we have all had to contend with.

Trying to take something positive out of this ghastly situation we have been able to enjoy Morin ourselves – its not a bad place to enjoy Tier 4, lockdown or a curfew. Autumn started with a wonderful orange and yellow carpet on the floor of the beech forest walks when we were limited to 1km and essential shopping only excursions. In early winter there was a real sense of release when we could roam up to 20km and enjoy mountain walks up to the Swiss border. Since Christmas Eve we have been surrounded by billowing carpets of snow – and although the lifts are closed to skiers we are delighting in giving our snowshoes regular outings. There are so many snowshoe trails to follow and wonderful off-piste routes to discover, with the help of local guides, that we haven’t yet missed putting on our downhill skis or felt the need to re-visit the Nordic skiing trails. We’ve discovered Morzine has so much more than downhill skiing on offer. It feels more of a privilege than a punishment being here.

We wish everyone well for the next few months – wherever you are and hope that we will be able to welcome guests, old and new, back to Morin in 2021.

Stay safe