We’ve even tried and tested the snow for you… It’s fabulous!

Our Morin Team 2017-2018: Harry, Blake, Amy & James

The snow that was rather elusive last season has arrived in the Portes du Soleil with avengance. We’ve not seen this much snow here for years – it’s turned Morin into a true Winter Wonderland. Unfortunately we’ve been rather busy with renovations and implementing our high-speed internet connection to take advantage of the lifts opening for the weekends as early as 3rd December, but we are hoping to enjoy some of the pillowy snow before we leave the chalet for the winter season. Currently there’s a covering of about 60cms in the garden!

Another milestone in the winter season is the arrival of our new team – we’ve got a full complement this year to help Olivia look after you. They arrived just in time to settle in before the latest dump of snow. James from Dublin (chef), Harry from Poole (driver), and Blake & Amy (your hosts) from St Austell – not forgetting Clive the Schnoodle from France and Germany, via Bury St Edmunds… For such a small chap he really does enjoy the snow, coming back into the chalet with snowballs stuck to his legs and face like a bee with pollen.

Clive the Schnoodle

We are extremely pleased with what’s been achieved in 2017 – we’ve made leaps and bounds with many of the rooms and bathrooms and are now happy to put our feet up for the winter and have a well earned rest while our guests enjoy the results. But we’ll be back sometime during the new year to enjoy them ourselves too!

Happy Christmas to everyone, and enjoy the snow!